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Bored with your bangs? Click through for 19 times Taylor Swift styled her fringe in a fantastic new way.
Use a large-barrel curling iron to give fringe a little lift and a sexy curl that grazes your eyes.
Try combining your bangs into the rest of your hair with a glossy gel or wax.
Proof that Swift's fringe defies gravity (or that she uses a really great hairspray).
A simple ponytail looks date night-ready with voluminous bangs pushed to the side for a flirty touch.
Swift doesn't let super-long bangs get in the way of quality time with her kitty! To copy the look, twist out the ends with a strong-hold wax so they sweep to the side.
Requiring nothing more than a great round brush and blow dyer, this straight, wispy style looks amazing on practically any face shape.
While photos might not be allowed backstage, the singer couldn't help but take one of her cute headband and sideswept fringe.
Swift kept things feathered and flippy while cooking with the Barefoot Contessa.
A thin, sparkly headband makes glossy bangs look even better.
This wavy style looks amazing paired with slightly tousled ends.
Swift capitalized on the vintage appeal of her S-wave bangs with red lips and a cute fedora.
A little bit of frizz can work in your favor when you have a set of thick bangs to balance it out.
Long-lasting styling products are your best friends when it comes to this thick, sideswept style that seamlessly blends your bangs into the rest of your hair.
Piecey, lash-skimming fringe looks great with tousled hair.
Mixing straight and curly hair in the same look with sleek, shiny fringe and a wavy updo.
Angled bangs are easier to curl to the side.
Frizz-free baby bangs look chic with a dramatic side part.
Sleek, straight and seriously shiny.
Think Swift's bestie Karlie Kloss goes to the singer for hairstyling advice? We wouldn't be surprised!