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From sunburns to chlorine-damaged hair, click through for nine solutions to your end-of-summer beauty woes.
This coconut oil-enriched lotion soothes and restores sun-exposed skin and helps prevent peeling.
Moisturizing shea butter and exfoliating oatmeal grains and sugar give your skin a fresh, smooth start to the new season.
Swap your regular body wash for one with salicylic acid to clear up any sweat or sunscreen-induced acne.
A soak in this coconut milk, oat and essential oil blend is the ultimate cure-all
A spa-like treatment your poor sandal-clad feet deserve.
An ultra hydrating sheet mask with the healing and revitalizing power of snail mucin.
Honey extract and vitamin E provide all day relief for cracked or chapped lips.
Kerastase's oil-infused mask deeply nourishes and revives damaged or color-treated hair.
Combine a half cup of apple cider vinegar and two to three cups of warm water and massage into hair post-shampoo. The mixture will remove chlorine deposits and product build-up and add shine.