Seven Genius Tips For Making Your Summer Tan Last

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Whether you recently sprang for a sunless spray tan or still have a touch of natural sun-kissed color, follow these tips to make it last.


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Digital Beauty Editor

Though it's sad to (almost officially) say goodbye to weekends at the beach, nights spent hanging out rooftops and dining al fresco, there's a good chance you've still got a great tan as a summer momento. And whether it was a result of spending forever meticulously applying a spray tan or (safely) sweating it out in the sun, there's nothing worse than seeing your hard-earned glow fade the second fall arrives.

While prepping your skin with an exfoliating scrub and a proper shave are crucial steps to achieving a long-lasting tan, there are still a few  beauty tricks you can do afterward to maximize the amount of time your glow—faux or not!—lasts. Click through above for seven genius ideas to prolong your summer tan.

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