How-to (Beauty)

Here's how to handle sticky heat, for each and every hair type.

Humidity-Proof Hair


Even a hint of curl turns poufy and fuzzy when it sponges up moisture from the air. The secret is to front-load your hair with conditioning treatments and finish with a product that locks out humidity.

For the most movement and bounce, ask for a cut with layers: If you have long hair, the shortest section should still be long enough to tuck into a ponytail.

For short hair, air-dry with a mix of curling cream and shine serum to get rid of flyaways and define curls.

Touch your hair as little as possible to avoid creating frizz. And—for the same reason—don't use brushes at all.

Don't overshampoo. If you normally wash your hair every day, cut back to every other day. If you wash your hair every other day, wash it every third.

Condition, condition, condition. Augment with a weekly protein treatment to strengthen hair and bump up shine.

Cannonieri & Fortis


"I'm a firm believer that if you have wavy hair, you should go with the flow," says stylist Sally Hershberger, who owns her own salon in New York City. "When there's a lot of moisture in the air, blown-straight hair just gets puffy. A natural look is easier and sexier."

Style your hair with your fingertips instead of a brush: Once your hair is dry, slip your hands beneath it and massage it at the roots. Breaking up the style from underneath will give you more definition—and control the frizz.

If you do brush your hair out, use finishing cream to tamp the volume back down. "It's a classic trick," says Kevin Mancuso, stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. "You twist the hair, let it dry, brush it out, and then run through a little product to give it shine and control."

Regular trims go a long way toward healthier-looking hair. "Dry ends look unkempt, especially if you lighten their hair," says New York stylist Ricky Pannell, owner of Snip N Sip salon.

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Fine + Straight

While humidity can leave fine hair limp, it also swells the hair shaft up and makes it feel thicker.

"Layered bangs create softness and are lighter than blunt one-length versions, which stick to your forehead when you perspire and cause breakouts," says Tresemmé stylist Nathaniel Hawkins.

Go natural. "Use a bit of thickening lotion or mousse to bulk up your hair," says Hershberger. "If it's short, just push it back or let it hang flat in a boyish way."

Blowdry strategically: To add fullness, rough up the roots with your fingertips, and use a brush (round is best) only to smooth the sides.

"Never brush near your scalp," says Mancuso. "The smoother the roots, the flatter your hair."

A few highlights will add body and texture. But major bleaching will leave your hair weaker—and more prone to humidity and frizz.

Shampoo every day and avoid heavy conditioners. Volumizing formulas are naturally the best.

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Thick + Straight

The challenge is getting a really smooth finish.

A style that's layered, like a graduated bob or pageboy, will keep your face from getting swallowed up by the weight; bangs also help.

When you get out of the shower, rub in a mix of leave-in conditioner and frizz-fighting gloss or cream for sheen.

If you do blowdry, use a flat or oval styling brush; avoid the ones designed to add curl.

Wash your hair every three or four days. You will get great texture this way.

Focus on shine. "Coarse hair has natural body," notes Ray Symons, stylist for New York's Cutler salon. "What you want to do is weigh your hair down and play up the shine. If you overstyle, you'll end up with a stiff wedge cut, which can be a little scary."

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Cute Options

Rumpled Chignons

Fresh, unfussy, and even office-appropriate. "A loose bun is controlled because it's pulled back," says Mancuso. "But it still showcases any natural wave and texture you have in your hair."


A single braid, either as-is or coiled into a bun, is incredibly elegant and cool as can be. Tie the end with a basic elastic band or piece of leather cord; both look effortless and easy—exactly what you want.


"Keep it simple," says Pannell. "Do a little back-combing and you've got a fun '60s feel." The band you choose is key, too. We love a wide, black stretchy-fabric one—it goes with everything and looks both sleek and very modern.


So sexy, so classic—whether high, low, dressed up with a deep side part, or looped through an elastic. To tamp down flyaways around your hairline, put a dab of finishing cream onto a toothbrush and use it to smooth away frizz.

Boyishly Short But Ruffled

Anything vaguely Rosemary's Baby is really chic right now, no matter what texture. And messing it up a bit somehow makes it more feminine.

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