Six Makeup Tips For Taking Your Best Selfie

Reduce any shiny spots.

You want to take the shine down a notch, but not look too powdery. Finish your beauty look with a loose dusting of sheer setting powder on your T-zone. Or, simply use blotting sheets to get the job done in a pinch.

Digital Beauty Editor

The other day, I saw two women on the subway looking at photos on Girl A's cell phone. As soon as I heard one of the women yelp, "Yikes! T.G.F.I.," my ears instantly perked up. I thought to myself, "What in the world is T.G.F.I.?" As it turns out, she was referring to everyone's favorite photo app: "Thank God For Instagram."

Sure, Instagram definitely has its perks. It makes everyone look instantly photogenic with the swipe of a finger. But you don't need the obvious filters to look amazing in photos. These six easy makeup tips are so good, you'll never have to delete a Facebook photo again. (Plus, on the off chance someone isn't using Instagram, you'll always be photo-ready!)

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