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Now that "selfie" has been dubbed 2013's word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, it's time to go pro. Click through for six easy makeup tips.
Use a mattifying face primer.
Especially if you're taking a photo at arm's length, a big flash shines a harsh spotlight on flaws. Start off your beauty look with a skin-smoothing face primer to even out pores and fine lines.
Go easy on the SPF.
Though a beauty editor would never recommend skipping sunblock entirely, you might want to go easy on the SPF if you normally wear one every day. The camera flash can be your friend, but it'll pick up sheen from products with heavy sunblock. Go for a tinted moisturizer or foundation with an SPF of 20 or lower to avoid the white coating that can come from strong sunscreens or makeup.
Try a neutralizing green concealer.
A green concealer is like a real-life version of a Photoshop color-correcting wand. It helps combat redness in your skin when you have to cover a pimple—stat!
Invest in HD makeup products.
Oh, so your iPhone 5 has a thousand megapixels that expose every detail on your face? Not a problem. Use a high definition foundation that has specific light-diffusing formulas and thinner ingredients that won't show up on film.
Experiment with a more dramatic makeup look.
Feel free to go slightly more heavy-handed with your makeup than you normally would. Unless you're Annie Leibovitz, the camera isn't going to pick up that no-makeup makeup look quite the way you want it to. A selfie is the perfect time for a rich, bold lip or a smoky eye—just pick one area at a time to play up!
Reduce any shiny spots.
You want to take the shine down a notch, but not look too powdery. Finish your beauty look with a loose dusting of sheer setting powder on your T-zone. Or, simply use blotting sheets to get the job done in a pinch.