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Classic Red
I am not immune to Mad Men. Red polish exudes power and sex appeal and goes nicely with my retro-inspired wardrobe. And really—there's no one who can't pull it off.
Bright Coral
Something about looking down at coral nails makes me think I'm already in the Caribbean sipping mojitos (I've referenced it before ... this cocktail is my kryptonite), even if I'm actually just sitting in an office typing this blog. It looks really good on a tan/faux tan—and equally alluring on pale people! Yes!
Edgy Yellow
One time I was in an elevator with my friend and my neighbor. Coincidentally, my neighbor was wearing the same day-glo yellow nail color as me, so my friend awkwardly pointed and remarked, "Look! Same polish!" I blushed a little and nodded to acknowledge our mutual good taste and later chided my friend for talking to my neighbor (my visitors should be as unfriendly as I am). Apparently this is the same premise (sort of) of an old Sarah Silverman sketch. Anyway, to me, yellow is unspoken coolness—no need to discuss.
Cool Blue
It's sort of a given, isn't it? Blue is uplifting, cheerful and channels the perfect sea and sky at the same time. Whenever I ask for it in a manicure, I swear that other customers sort of look over at it and are surprised at how good it looks and then regret choosing whatever boring color they have.
Subtle Taupe
Nude shades look effortlessly clean and simple, make fingers look longer and leaner and the chips and smudges are barely perceptible.