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laziest style: RIPPLY/SLEEK WAVES
"When I want a bit of extra sleep in the morning, I braid or twist my hair into a bun the night before. In the AM, I take it down and spray Aqua Net over my hair—I actually hold down the nozzle for a full five seconds, maybe about a foot away, and wave it around my head."
"Of all the mascaras I've tried, this one is by far the least smudgy. It never clumps on me."
skincare essential: EYE GEL
"I got this little glass pot of jelly at a great spa a few blocks from us, Valley NYC. It's incredibly cooling, and it totally eliminates any puffiness—which otherwise always plagues me when it's hot."
"I used to be a classic red-lips person, but one day I was just like, 'Bright pink!'...and this one is perfect. I bought the liner by accident, but I prefer it—because it's more matte and it lasts forever. I put on lip balm first as a base, then draw the liner over."
instant hair fix: SMOOTH CURLED PONYTAIL
"When my hair is dry, I run a few drops of serum through the ends and wrap random locks of hair around a curling iron. I backcomb the crown to create volume and shape, smooth the hair over the top, and gather everything up into a ponytail; the loose, pretty waves from the curling iron give it a polished, slightly retro look."
desert-island item: EYELASH CURLER
"I love this so much! If I don't use it every morning, people start asking me, 'Are you tired?' I heat it with a blow dryer for a few seconds, clamp for 10 seconds and follow with mascara. There's something about the heat plus the shape of this specific curler that makes the curl hold so much better—really, it stays the whole day."
can't live without: LIP BALM
"Very moisturizing and all-natural—important for something that's on your lips! With all the tasting I do, I'm constantly wiping or licking my lips, and they get super-dry, so I use this every three seconds."