FABB Attendee Spotlight: Most Eligible Dallas Star Courtney Kerr

FABB is as much about the attendees as it is the panelists. Whether you’ll be there in person or joining us for the live stream, one face you’ll be sure to recognize in the audience at FABB West—which takes place Monday, April 30—is Courtney Kerr of Most Eligible Dallas fame. In this FABB Attendee Spotlight, Courtney talks about relaunching her site, What Courtney Wore, and the definition of "blog Botox."

Q: Why did you start blogging? How have Most Eligible Dallas fans responded to your blog?

A: When Most Eligible Dallas premiered on Bravo, I had no idea that there would be such a huge response to my wardrobe, hair and makeup choices. Since the age of 2, I have always been a girl who loved playing dress-up, experimenting with new trends and shopping 'til I drop, so the sudden jolt of attention and questions regarding my style from all the fans and followers of the show came as a surprise! My good friend Amber Venz, president of rewardStyle and venzedits.com, had this genius idea one night that I should start a style blog of my own with episode screen shots, press photos and my latest shopping indulgences. Within hours, she whipped together a Tumblr for me, and please note, I had never read a blog before (except hers), barely knew how to edit a photo, and could hardly work Tumblr! This new blogging world, which had literally fallen into my lap, quickly became my project/job/obsession, and not because I actually knew what I was doing. (Because I didn't, and some days still feel like I don't!) But because the fans wanted it! That was August 2011, and eight months later, I am still maintaining the blog daily. With Season 1 of the show under my belt, and Season 2 quickly on the horizon, my life, and all my fashion choices, are out there for the whole world to see on TV. The blog is a labor of love for my fans. It was created for them and by their request, so listening to their feedback is highly crucial to its continued success.

Q: What are your blogging necessities?

A: Up until about two months ago, I was using a PC laptop that was about three years old. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Macbook, and it has been my saving grace. I'm not really sure how I ever survived without it. My iPhone is my go-to gadget throughout my busy workday. It’s filled with lists, reminders, and screen shots of outfit inspiration. Some days, I really feel like me and my iPhone could rule the world if push came to shove!

Q: How does Dallas differ from L.A. and NYC in terms of fashion and beauty?

A: The person who coined the term "Everything's bigger in Texas" really wasn't kidding around. Everything really is, and when we get dressed in the morning, or for an event….we do it BIG. The women of Dallas really know how to make an entrance when it comes to their personal style...and surprisingly, the men aren't far behind. Anyone from Texas will most likely tell you that they were raised with a sense of pride in being able to call themselves a "Texan," and what sets our style apart is that we take that pride and translate it into our clothing choices.

Q: What do you hope to learn or take away from FABB West?

A: The blogging world is such a new beast to me, so I really spend every minute these days soaking up as much knowledge about the industry anywhere I can get it. It’s still strange when people refer to me as a blogger because I feel so green in this world…and typically I laugh it off and say, "I'm just a gal who loves fashion!" But step by step, I am learning the processes, the tricks of the trade, and have had the opportunity to meet some incredibly talented people along the way! I am honored to be able to attend Lucky FABB and eager to listen to those who know the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful blogger. I'm even more eager to take that new knowledge back to my blog and continue to give my fans and followers stronger content!

Q: What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

A: When I want to feel inspired by beautiful images, I look at Atlantic-Pacific, Wendy's Lookbook, or Unabashedly Prep. When I want a good sartorial laugh, I head over to Man Repeller or How to Talk to Girls at Parties.


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