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Ruby Aldridge

Oh, to be an Aldridge—great hair runs in their blood like a predilection for sanitizing TV remotes runs in mine. I’m way more into Ruby’s swingy, shiny lob, though, than Lily’s long, undulating, ombre’d waves.

Arizona Muse

Every season, I’m newly impressed by whatever iteration Muse’s short hair takes on. Right now, it’s all about angled length and rough texture.


Karlie Kloss

Whenever her Victoria’s Secret ad comes on TV, her cute hair (which the fashion world deemed “the chop”) completely distracts me from the fact she’s frolicking around in underwear, which unsettles me, because I’ll always think of her as like…13.

Aline Weber

The tousledness, the bleach-blondeness, the chin-grazing length—it’s all so right, so versatile, goes from girly to punk in an instant.

Chiharu Okunugi

I love how it looks like someone (lovingly) cut off her ponytail while she was sleeping. It’s sexy, blunt, and gorgeous.