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The Frosty, Nordic Blue Lagoon

With all due respect to Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, the true Blue Lagoon is a decidedly un-tropical place. Though a paradise, in its own way.

I visited Iceland last weekend, literally, returning with the expected jet lag but weirdly, no dry skin, which I usually get after a single airplane flight—and this weekend included two.

The magic—and the reason I found myself in the middle of a barren lava field without a tree for miles—is the Blue Lagoon spa. Natural, geothermal hot springs bubble up from the earth, creating the ultimate Jacuzzi. The bottom is a pleasingly mushy mud made of healing silica, minerals, and algae. A few hours of soaking and you're moisturized, glowing, and totally relaxed. You're also totally inoculated against the usual airplane dry skin.

To keep my new, moisture-rich complexion going, I brought home the Silica Mud Mask—the same amazing goop that's in the lagoon, bottled. I slather the super-thick, clear gel all over my face when I'm in the shower—it pulls in hydration from the steam. (You can also use it to cure breakouts by letting it dry into a white cast and working its absorbent magic.) Order it internationally on their website (and I'll let you know when it's up on Saks.com).

—Dawn Spinner, associate beauty editor

(No, this picture has not been Photoshopped.)

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