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Completely Resurface Your Face at Home

After your 350th encounter with an at-home face peel, you begin to develop an extremist streak. And by "you," I mean "me." Why use a gentle, skin-energizing 10-minute peel when there's a three-minute one? Why use the three-minute when there's a super-powered one-minute version?

In the spectrum of hard-core peels, Kate Somerville's spinach green Exfolikate, née Kate in a Jar, is the hard-core-iest it gets. A legend within the beauty department, the stuff has made it into every one of our medicine cabinets; I've been through two tubs of it in the past three months, and as I scrape the bottom of the third, I feel compelled to inform you that this might be my favorite product ever. Ever! Here's how it goes: You put it on, and 20 seconds later (20 SECONDS later!) you MUST rinse—because judging from the burning, your face is beginning to melt. Rinse quickly, ignore the resultant (temporary) redness, and then the next day, boom, there you have it: The skin of an infant!*

*The fine print: If your skin is sensitive or prone to random freak-outs when under duress, I'd wager this isn't the thing for you. If you're on the fence, I'd say leave it on for 10 seconds the first time, just to be safe.

—Cristina Mueller, senior beauty editor

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