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"No, I Said I Want a Ghurka, Not a Birkin"

It's funny how two little different consonants can change the entire meaning of a sentence: I was looking at bags while shopping with a friend the other day, and I said, "You know what I really want? A Ghurka." She responded, "You want what? A Birkin? Who are you?"

It's true: Even if they were $80 instead of $8,000, I've never been a fan of the statusy, sort-of-cliché Birkins. They're too boxy and uptight for me, and besides I'd get a pen mark on one within 15 minutes of owning it. What I do want, however, is a Ghurka, the American luxury-bag brand from the '70s that's equal parts preppy and European, laid-back and fancy. I love these pieces—right down to their horsey little stamp. Today on eBay, I found an array of pristine specimens like this chic black version, a perfect little briefcase, this cool broken-in "tallshopper," and perhaps my favorite, an unusual burgundy and caramel bag with a sleek, equestrian vibe.

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