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Office Affliction: Phacne

I am ALWAYS broken out on the right side of my chin, just below my mouth. A few months back, I finally gave up trying to figure out why this was so, resignedly declaring it a mystery like the Roanoke Lost Colony or the birth of Suri Cruise.

Today I was sitting at my desk doing 10 things at once, with the phone tucked between my ear and my shoulder, when I realized the following:

1) The receiver was hideously greasy (also mysterious, and gross).

2) It was rubbing against the right side of my chin, just below my mouth.

It hit me: Could the inexplicable/omnipresent acne be attributed to a bacteria-laden office phone receiver? Could it be phone acne? PHACNE?! I lamely wiped down the mouthpiece with a Shout wipe, but what I really need are these antibacterial especially-for-phones cloths. I've ordered them—might they be the missing link in my extensive zit-fighting regimen? Time will tell.

With that said, is phacne real? Or am I paranoid and delusional? Discuss.

—Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

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