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The Accidental Hairstylist

My 12-year-old daughter was invited to a dance party; she invited her two BFFs over for advance preparations. She neglected to tell me she'd volunteered me to do everyone's hair. One of them—a girl with long, straight, fine hair—wanted "curls that will really last all night." As I have similar hair that has never held a curl for more than a minute, I immediately got on the phone with my favorite hair expert, the brilliant Philip B. "Hairspray and hot rollers," he said. It sounded very old-school, but I was desperate. "Dry the hair with a round brush; spray each section lightly (both sides); and then set it on a roller. Don't use too much spray, because you want to be able to brush it out, so it looks soft and natural." The technique worked perfectly; the girl looked fantastic, and I'm now famous in the seventh grade.

—Jennifer Scruby, contributing beauty writer, Miami

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