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New Fragrance, Y'All!

I love Britney Spears. I loved her loony, and I love her sober as a sandwich. I'm a registered, unironic member of britneyspears.com. I love all of Britney's songs—even the questionable ones, like "Email My Heart"— because they're hers. The next single could be whispered confessional poetry about Adnan Ghalib over the Jurassic Park theme and I'd still immediately make it my ringtone.

I'm also a HUGE fan of her fragrances. Lest we forget, many people are—in 2004, Curious made $100 MILLION in five weeks, and was the year's number one seller. (That said, if you were both capable of earning $100 million in a month and still relentlessly tortured by the media for loving Frappucinos, maybe you'd feel crazy too).

Her next five scents were also bestsellers. And now there's a new one: Hidden Fantasy—and yes, I have smelled it, loved it, spritzed it madly all over myself and my cubicle and possibly an intern. It's perfect: creamy and fruity, sort of a juicy berry-vanilla, and it's going to be huge. It's not available until January, so you have a whole month to excitedly anticipate it.

In the meantime, how are we feeling about Britney's comeback thus far?

—Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

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