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Never Enough 90210

January is here, and that means the limited-edition OPI 90210 Nail Lacquer collection! Could you die?! They're almost as cool as the old 90210 fragrance! Plus, I'm a sucker for puns, and the three shade names, based on characters from the NEW 90210, are all about them: Queen of West Web-erly (purple shimmer), Sweet as Annie-thing (lollipop red) and Pretty and Privileged (ruby). Hot!

Okay. So my only beef is that there's no tribute to the old-school cast and characters, their introduction rating second only to the freeing of Nelson Mandela as the hottest thing to hit 1990. Where is Luke Perry-winkle? Peach Pit!? Kelly Taylor Slutty Prom Dress Red? Brian Austin Green and his character David Silver essentially write polish names themselves! And then there's ... ummm ... okay, so this is actually pretty hard.

Can YOU think of more? And which other TV shows should get their own nail polish collection?

—Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

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