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Beauty News Roundup: Celebrity/Supermodel Edition

"Pete Wentz wears makeup and clearly is confident enough not to be threatened by any assumptions his fans or nonfans might come to," a source tells Tiger Beat The New York Times. (NYT) (Spoiled Pretty)

Kim Kardashian, the velour tracksuit-clad minx and baby-voiced reality star and human, sextape-making hybrid ofJessica Rabbit and Princess Jasmine,will launch a fragrance and possibly a makeup collection.(Spoiled Pretty)

Queen Latifah gets her own perfume, too. But does her trainer like it? (The Budget Fashionista)

Irish-jigging model Coco Rocha on the perils of her new hair color: "In the modeling world it's like they want it really, really red," she says. "But to live with really, really red is like being a character." Indeed! (The Cut)

Non-jig-dancing model Jessica Stam teaches us how to walk like a model in this cute clip. (For Stam's 'how NOT to walk' tutorial, click here. Ouch.) (My Fashion Life)

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