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Lauren Hutton, looking stunningly gorgeous in super La Dolce Vita red-check dress (not the one pictured here, mind you) by Michael Kors—her body is incredible, despite being laid up after her huge surfing accident (at 65! looking hotter than hot and having SURFING accidents!), her hair is perfect beachy California tousledness, and her face is un-blown-up and un-Cubist and utterly natural and beautiful. I want to be her when I grow up—an unlikely scenario, given my never-been-a-supermodel reality. The natural, glowy skin involves lots of her skincare-inflected makeup, which is undetectable on, yet works miracles, especially the Sheer Concealer. Do a stripe of the stuff down your nose, blend, and your nose looks instantly more petite, and your whole face looks more balanced. It’s kind of incredible.

—Jean Godfrey-June, beauty director

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