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FESTIVAL FOOTWEAR: Smart thinking, Lily Cole.

Music festival shoes are tricky: I wore sandals to New Orleans Jazz Fest this year and my feet got so filthy and disgusting that I started carrying foot wipes with me every day. And it was early spring, so the tops of my feet got rubbed raw in certain places (isn't that the worst?). That said, I'm wearing them again at Bonnaroo (one day to go!)--even though it's held on a 300-acre farm in Tennessee. I can't help it. I love them.

In my defense, I do not own cool sneakers like model Lily Cole. Hopefully I'll wise up before Lollapalooza in August and actually buy a pair. I love these vintage studded Converse hightops and these Bensimon Midtops--they go with anything. I could also custom-design a pair on Converse.com--I'd get black leather hightops with all-black detailing.

Other sneaker suggestions?

-Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

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