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How glamorous does Stevie Nicks look in this picture? The aviators! The layered necklaces! All the rings! And the HAIRCUT. Even the paper Coke cup looks chic. This picture makes me want to accessorize like mad at Bonnaroo. (Not that I need encouragement to pile on the jewelry. It's Monday afternoon at the office and I'm wearing, like, forty bracelets.)

My shopping list: the Stevie glasses, this ring (I'm so into the red), and these bangles. All are inexpensive (the first two are from Urban Outfitters; the bangles are Forever 21) which is crucial because I'll probably lose everything in a field somewhere this weekend. I lose all of my jewelry and every pair of Ray-Bans I've ever owned. It's like I have a special talent. Am I the only one?

-Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

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