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Found! The Perfect Boots!

What shoes were you wearing 15-20 years ago? My closet was filled with Dr. Martens and T.U.K and Shelley's of London creepers. When it comes to clothing, I'm a little wary, but willing to incorporate styles from my teenage closet. I couldn't say the same for shoes. Dr. Martens are flat boots and while creepers may have a mini lift, 15-20 years have changed me. I've become a total (VERY) high heel girl. When Emma Cook's heeled creepers for Topshop went on sale I was too slow. They sold out in seconds. I thought I was done with footwear nostalgia but then I stumbled in to Opening Ceremony and saw these beautiful, shiny, patent leather Docs! Not only are they 8 hole boots but they have a high heel! These boots will not slip away from me. They are number one on my to-buy list.

--Melissa Lum, Accessories Editor

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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