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Hands softer than even the non-threatening caress of Zac Efron--for only $2!

I was going to do the mature thing and blog only about the very cute Avon hand creams on the left ($.99 each!), but THEN I noticed that avon.com has an AMAZING selection of OMG-worthy teenybopper (in the best possible way!) beauty alternatives! How amazing are these High School Musicalhand creams?! Given that I'm a grown person who occasionally buys BOPmagazine from the newsstand in her office building lobby newsstand (DOES Zac eat bugs? I needed to know!) and hasvisited the personal weblog of Frankie Jonas (a.k.a the "Bonus Jonas", age 8), Disney-infused bath and body products speak to me. Am I alone?

-Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

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