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Sookie Stackhouse is my Style Icon

My obsession with HBO's True Blood is slowly sneaking its way into every aspect of my life, (like making my boyfriend do his spot-on impression of vampire Bill's genteel Southern drawl on the subway, to the great amusement of our fellow straphangers, I'm sure. Or having the sudden, mysterious urge to buy a bottle of bright red vegetable juice that may or may not have the unexpected benefit of making me feel like I'm actually drinking TruBlood as I watch). But most recently, I'm craving a breezy, southern-fried wardrobe like Sookie's. A Merlotte's uniform tee is on my list (for Halloween! I swear!), but also some sweet floral dresses, and a headband for a date-night-with-Bill-to-Fangtasia look. Or for more casual Sookie style, cut-off jean shorts, a plaid top, and a cute white pair of Keds. I guess it's fair to say that there's some serious vampire mania in the Lucky offices...

-Virginia VanZanten, editorial assistant

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