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The World's Most Fantastic $4.29 Eyeliner

I know good eyeliner like Tom Cruise knows the busboys at the Sea Org snackbar--and I've been buying these Prestige Cosmetics kohl pencils at the drugstore for years (they're here on ulta.com,
too). Why? They're awesome. They glide on beautifully but don't smudge easily, and the pigments are rich and intense--especially the dark colors, which go on DARK-dark and stay that way. The 'Black/Brown' pencil is my favorite: it's an inky-espresso that's super-sultry, but warmer and more skin-flattering than stark black.

What's are your favorite under-the-radar, can't-believe-the-price drugstore beauty items? Divulge!*

-Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor

*Incidentally, we've all been talking about how great the reader recommendations in the comments section have been lately--we totally appreciate! And, of course, want more.

**For tips on how to load on the eyeliner without looking like an emo '80s singer-songwriter obsessed with lonely nightclubs and the burden of the past, click here.

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