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Alicia Silverstone: Decidedly not Clueless.

I know it is the worst thing in the world to seemingly tacitly dismiss the last 10+ years of her life, but here goes: Alicia Silverstone still looks EXACTLY like Cher from Clueless! We were squished together at the end of a bench at a vegan lunch for her new line of cosmetics bags for Ecotools. She was in red Stella McCartney, a dress that totally channeled the scene where Cher gets mugged wearing Alaia in a valley parking lot (An Officially Iconic Fashion Moment in Cinema, P.S.).

She sipped lemonade and told me about how she loves Dr. Hauschka products and Josie Maran lip glosses.I gagged down faux lobster (flobster?), played my onlyimpress-an-environmentalist card (I've never driven a car and thus, Ithink, leave a smaller carbon footprint), and told her that she MUSTtry Raw Natural Beauty mascara (it is DARK and glossy and great).

Thenit was over, and I got the lovely woven/recycled makeup bags, packed upnicely for my return trip to the office in a a giant wicker basket("You could send baby Moses down the river in this thing!" I exclaimedto a publicist, who chuckled nervously)...The 'Stone's launching aneco-lifestyle/eccommerce website in a few months, too--keep you posted.


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