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All Points West Beauty Audit: Caroline Polachek of Chairlift

So Chairlift is awesome--they KILLED it yesterday at All Points West. And whether you realize it or not, you probably bought an Ipod Nano in 2008 because of the hugely enchanting vocal/tambourine/synthesizer (HOT) skills of Caroline Polachek--that's Chairlift's song "Bruises" in the commercial. Look at the photo--don't you just want to be her?! I do, which is why I demandedto know her favorite beauty products and blab them to all of you. Read on!

MASCARA: "Chanel black, on my eyebrows."

LIP BALM: "Burt's Bees!"

EYESHADOW: "I like how shiny lipgloss looks on eyelids, but not lips. It's more natural. I found a GlossyTubes by BarryM in London, after airport security threw out my entire product bag. It doesn't get sticky, and washes off easily."

BLUSH/BRONZER: "Maybelline New York Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in Cherry Brown. My former boss got this for me, after exclaiming one night that it was an utter shame that I didn't have dark lipstick on with an '80s tweed blazer she had just given me. So she remedied that, and got the perfect color. I use it for lips, eyelids, and sometimes a fat stripe of shiny dark red underlining my eyebrows."

CLEANSER: "In the absence of Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, hotel shampoo does a great job."

MOISTURIZER: "Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer."

FRAGRANCE: "Comme des Garcons GUERILLA1. All throughout high school and college, I wore men's cologne because womens smelled like candy. Guerilla is totally androgynous, and reminds me of Richard Prince's sculptures of beat up, beautiful hot-rod car hoods, because it smells faintly of gasoline."

Sigh. Of course she wears Comme des Garcons, which I've argued are some of the coolest perfumes in the world--and of course she makes a contemporary art connection. Of COURSE. I die. Do you?

-Cat Marnell, associate beauty editor


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