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DesignerSocial, A Great New Source For Accessories

Browsing DesignerSocial, an amazing new members-only site started by former Lucky staffers, is a giant exercise in willpower. They have a brilliant selection of new bags and accessories--from Botkier to YSL--but for me it's their samples and consignments that are a total knockout. I've only been browsing for a few minutes and already I'm fighting the urge to buy a Marc Jacobs quilted teal leather Stam bag (on sale for $445, originally $1,275) and a large Chloe Latte Tote (on sale for $425, originally $1,350). I'm still on the hunt for a classic black Chanel shoulder bag for a bargain (who isn't?), and I have a feeling this site is going to become a compulsive daily stop on that quest.

--Virginia VanZanten, editorial assistant

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