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Backstage at Chris Benz: "Refined '60s Party Girl"

MAKEUP: Everything revolved around the pinky-coral lip color, which I want to describe as both "soft" and "neon"--an obvious oxymoron, but somehow both are true, no?

The color rocks: Chris Benz custom-designed it with Lancome--you may recall the lipstick-naming contest for it(winning entry: "Chris and Tell")--but unless you're the clever personwho came up with said name you'll have to wait until the spring topurchase it (You can get on the wait list right now if you call212-362-4858. Andwe'll remind you of its awesomeness when it comes time to buy it.)

The rest of the look was pared-down and glowy: Shu Uemura Nobara stick foundation, Lancome Flash Retouche highlighter/concealer on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, and a dusting of glinty gold-beige Lancome Honeymoon shadow on lids and the inner corners of the eyes. Oh, and many, many layers of Hypnose mascara.

HAIR: Silky, loose, and wavy. The Redken team worked in Redken Fabricate before a quick blow dry (nothing fancy or super-straight, they all just did it with their hands), then spritzed Hot Sets on each section and went in with a 1.25"-inch curling iron.

MODEL READING MATERIAL: White Oleander--in Swedish!

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