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Backstage at Rachel Antonoff: Clowns, Ballerinas, and Queens

Rachel Antonoff's presentation at the Henry Street Playhouse last night was "all about putting on a show," according to the designer. "I imagined all these characters--the clown, the queen of the Disenchanted Forest, the movie star. I sort of had the play Pippin in the back of my mind too."

Ballet was another clear influence in the collection. Said Antonoff [pictured above ], "Sarah Sophie Flickerand I do ballet at her house once a week. I've always loved it. So someof these models are actually real ballerinas." Unfortunately, Flickerwas ill, so she couldn't make the event. But, as they say, the showmust go on!

Close-up of the presentation's headpieces designed by Albertus Swanepoel .

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