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Etsy: Knitwear awesomeness you need to see

Today was a banner day on Etsy. First, I read a blog post by Alison Kelly who, honestly, may be my favorite Project Runway contestant ever. Then, I found designer Yokoo, who is creating some of the most gorgeous and cool knitwear looks I've ever seen.

I know, I know. They're just really big scarves. but what pretty, insanely cozy, big scarves they are! The Atlanta-based designer churns out nearly 30 different designs--clients choose the color, and the wraps and neckwarmers are made to order, delivered to your door in about two weeks. I am especially loving the Nantucket Cowl in pale gray, the sophisticated, web-like Medullain a Gothic palette, and the more simple and earthy Warmer, perhaps in deep plum. Also good here: Yokoo's adorable/fun hatsand simple, oversized bags. Best of all, most everything is under $100.

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