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Fixation: Emma Watson's Brows!

I have a problem. I'm mesmerized by and obsessed with Emma Watson's eyebrows, so much so that I could stare at them all day (and I kind of do).

They are so thick and perfect that she doesn't even need eye makeup.As someone who suffers from lack-of-brow syndrome, each day I pray thatsomeday my non-existent eyebrows will magically start to fill in so Ican shape them like Emma's. In an attempt to discreetly fake it, I'vestarted using a tinted brow gel by Anastasia. This gel/cream combination is meant to "plump the hair follicle" resulting in the appearance of thicker eyebrows.

It's not a cure, but it's a temporary fix. Another interesting looking set of celebrity eyebrows are Stephen Colbert's.

Howdoes he raise his brow so high?! Which celebrity eyebrows do youadmire and what are your secrets to fuller brows? (please refrain fromanswering this question if you shave off your eyebrows and pencil themin).

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