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Midnight Showing: Creatures of the Wind Preview

Ithink it (very fabulously) hearkens back to the 70s to show clothes at midnight in a dimly litroom at the Chelsea Hotel--on a Sunday nonetheless--whilst model friendstry on the garments to show their intricacies and hidden workmanship. Such was the scene I encountered when I made my way to view the work ofChristopher Peters and Shane Gabier, the design duo behind Creatures of the Wind.

Lining the room were racks of beautiful lace-trimmed dresses and chain-mail jackets, heavy tohold but extremely lightweight on.

"We source our lace from factories that have gone out of production but have tons of stock from decades ago," says Chris.

Ikram Goldman, who owns Chicago boutique Ikram and is more recently famous for outfitting Michelle Obama, serves as a fairy godmother and mentor to the boys. So should we expect Michelle Obama wearing a red sequined dress with a chain-mail jacket at a White House event anytime soon?

"I'm not sure about that," laughs Chris.

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