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Postcard from Milan: Versace

Fashion director Hope Greenberg reports from the runways of Milan.

For the past few years Donatella Versace has dabbled in a more refined, lady-like territory than the house is typically known for. But for spring 2010 she's back to full-frontal Versace: all sexy, all the time.

Dresses and skirts were SHORT and TIGHT; the colors were bright; the prints were bold and the models had that shampoo commercial bouncy hair that swung as they swayed down the runway.

Pantsuits (probably not really what you'd call them) were matching optic print tiny jackets and leggings.

See-through plastic mini skirts went over wild print bodysuits and dresses had a drapey detail that looked like metal tubing. The finale had the models posing tableau-style along a a ramp-like backdrop. So '80s. So good. So Versace.

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Photos by: WWD

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