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Twistbands: Ponytail Holders, Reinvented

Hair ties are one of those things I took for granted until I tried Twistbands.

These stretchy elastics are a definite improvement over the basic rubber band model we're all used to. Most importantly, they're gentler on your hair--they slide off easily (without ripping out your hair in the process), and since the material is soft and relatively wide, it doesn't leave dents in your hair the way that traditional, skinnier bands tend to do after you've taken down your ponytail. From an aesthetic perspective, the knot in the fabric gives a nice hint of embellishment, and they also look cute on your wrist, like a pretty ribbon bracelet. They come as headbands too, and there are a ton of colors and prints (like tie dye!) to choose from, with a set of five ponytail holders in wear-them-all-the-time neutrals running $10.

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