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Flash Poll Follow-Up: What's Your Favorite Scent Combination?

The other day I was revisiting the comments everyone left* on the "what perfume are you wearing" flash poll, and was newly fascinated by ersatzkat's layering of Il Profumo Musc Bleu and Bonne Bell Skin Musk.

I LOVE a fragrance mash-up--I mean, REALLY love a mash-up: Back when we did the Feb 2005 Sexy Guide, I collected staffer quotes about favorite perfume mixes--and almost five years later, I STILL remember that Emily Hsieh likes to use Caswell Massey lime soap with Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Lucky alumna Kristina Dechter puts Kiehl's Musk roll-on oilwith Costume National Intense EDP. Dude: I totally copied both of them, and both are friggin' inspired combinations.**

SO. I already know ersatzkat's blend--tell me more!

*In case you've ever wondered whether or not your comments get noticed on the beauty blog, I can tell you this: Not only do we read them all, we get incredibly, nerdily excited about the beauty things you like. And by "we" I mean "I."

**Mine, as of this morning, was Yes to Tomatoes shower gel (try it! it smells like clean laundry and pink peppercorns, and costs like a cent!) and Mustela Musti: Light, tart, and awesome. I kinda want to get a musk to make it a little more intense, but didn't have one handy....

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