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More to want: Rachel Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy's collaboration with Macy's, Rachel Rachel Roy, has slowly been unrolling onto the site. I've been clicking back with great frequency for new arrivals, and lo and behold, found not one but two things I want today.

The first is a definite: It's this sweater, which is cut into the shape of a motorcycle jacket. Comfortable, warm, and just a touch edgy. This will be great with flowy tops, dresses, and even t-shirts. I anticipate not taking it off.

I'm a little bit iffy on the second. It's a black sequined blazer that looks really well-cut. I think it could be kind of rad for holiday party dressing season (I'm into the red lining, too), but I'm having trouble justifying the $199 pricetag. What do you guys think? Worth it?

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