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Postcard from Milan: Fendi

With all of the shows that thrilled us during Milan fashion week, one of our favorites was Fendi. Everyone knows Karl Lagerfeld is a genius, but his collections for Fendi have, at times, veered towards the inscrutable: high on concept but low on wearability.

Not so this season. He took the simple idea of French lingerie (lingerie, in all of its myriad forms, being one of the hot trends for spring) and made it real-person-appropriate by pairing it with structured pieces.

Little black triangle bras, hint-of-color chiffons and silks, and expertly-cut skirts, jackets and trousers all came together in a dreamy show with bags that made resident accessory expert Julia Topolski exclaim: "I haven't loved, LOVED bags this much maybe ever!"

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