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Skin Perfection for the Breakout-Prone

I would be much less attractive were it not for a genius named Bobbi Brown. I'm not being insecure: this is an actual fact. Her Oil-Free Foundation Compact ALWAYS makes me look freakishly better as soon as I smooth some on, and the coverage is better than practically any oil-free formula I've tried. Bobbi never, ever makes me break out, either: it's intended for normal to dry skin but works miracles on my oily-to-freakish, so there you go.

I'm also majorly dependent on Bobbi's Creamy Concealer--a yellow-based, easy-to-dab-on friggin' miracle worker for terrible, no-good, very bad-looking mornings, plus the pink-to-peach Correctors, which you wear under the first concealer for extra coverage on, say, a rough morning at the office, I know it sounds a little gimicky--two concealers that look just alike, right?--but both have mysteriously unique (though equally outstanding) effects. Since I always have dark circles (because seriously, HOW BORING IS SLEEPING?!), I take one with me everywhere.

By the way, I always pat pressed facial powder under my eyes with a cheapie foam makeup sponge for extra staying power. Totally works.

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