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The Glamourai: Let's Ghoul to the Movies

Kelly Framel's popular blog, The Glamourai, is a repository for the stylist and designer's fashion inspirations, daily outfits, and DIY projects. Kelly joins Lucky this week as a guest blogger.

Halloween is but a week away, and many of you may still be unsure of what 'to be.' That's why I've put together a movie montage of costumes that can be recreated using pieces you probably already have in your closet:

1. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's)

YOU'VE GOT: Black dress & sunglasses (Ray-Ban Wayfarers preferred)

YOU'LL NEED: Lots and lots of faux pearls, elbow-length black gloves

FINISH BY: Scraping your hair into a high bun and pinning in a vintage brooch

2. LITTLE EDIE BEALE (herself in Grey Gardens)

YOU'VE GOT: Black bodysuit (acceptable substitutes: fitted shirt + leotard or bathing suit) and sheer black tights

YOU'LL NEED: Vintage scarf for head wrap

FINISH BY: Waving a souvenir-size American flag and singing bawdily wherever you go

3. MARY POPPINS (Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins)

YOU HAVE: Umbrella, knitted scarf, black coat

YOU'LL NEED: Long skirt, white gloves, carpet bag, straw boater

FINISH BY: Sticking a few flowers in your hat and donning a cheery but stern disposition

4. SUSAN (Madonna in Suddenly Seeking Susan)

YOU'VE GOT: Black leggings, sunglasses, ankle boots, t-shirt

YOU'LL NEED: Black gloves, dime store jewelry

FINISH BY: Chopping the hem off your shirt & tying the extra fabric around your head

5. LYDIA DEETS (Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice)

YOU'VE GOT: Lots and lots of long, black clothes

YOU'LL NEED: Wide-brimmed black hat and 2 yards black lace to throw over it

FINISH BY: Gelling your bangs into 3 snaggle-tooth-like spikes and feeling misunderstood



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