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Best. Black. Tights. Ever.

Now that it's cold again I'm back to my fall-winter pattern of wearing black opaque stockings at least three or four times a week. The other day I made my annual pilgrimage to discount department store Century 21 to stock on hosiery for the season and emerged with a new all-time favorite.

Ellen Tracy's Completely Opaque tights are, true to the name, completely opaque. They're actually far thicker than most I've tried (I've tested basically every black opaque stocking out there, from expensive to cheap), and are made of microfiber, which I think is the key to their density, but also gives a very smooth, matte finish. And the control top does a good job of holding everything in place to create a clean line under your clothes. Buy them online for $14, but if you're in the NYC area I highly suggest running over to Century 21, where they're about half the price (sorry non-New Yorkers!), and doing as I did and loading up on half a dozen pairs.

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