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Charlotte Gainsbourg: The Crush Deepens

Take a look at these photos (more after the jump)--is there anyone more deserving of a style crush than Charlotte Gainsbourg? And as if that weren't enough to put my obsession into overdrive, I've been listening to the just released song from her upcoming album, produced by Beck, on repeat. Click on and download it (for free!) yourself.

On Splendora's newly re-vamped Style and Culture Radar the other day I came across a link to Gainsbourg's website,where you'll find these snapshots as well as a link to download thesong to your computer. The music is cool and moody and feminine--a lotlike her clothes really. I'm dying for the lace dress she's wearing (itreminds me a bit of this Phillip Lim topI spotted months ago and totally regret not buying), and of courseseeing her in black and white stripes only exacerbates my whole stripes fetish. Steven Alan is doing a great, slightly slouchy sweater that's kind of the more urban, cozy (it's made of a cotton/cashmere blend) alternative to my Saint James and L.L. Beanboatnecks. I wouldn't be at all ashamed to straight-up copy Charlotte's lookand pair it with slim cropped black trousers and slightly mussed-uphair.

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