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I Have a Cabinet Full of Totes...

in all shapes and sizes. Which I use all the time, whether at the grocery store or at the gym. This cabinet is so packed to capacity (bags within bags within bags) that the door is nearly ajar. But even so, I think there's room for one more.

I love, love, love this hand-screened version ($28.50) from Etsy boutique Lovely Pieces Design. Love! I found it while snooping around on my new favorite blog, It Looks Good to Me, which is a masterfully executed photo/illustration extravaganza (for more on Caroline, see the December issue and stay tuned to this space--she'll be guest blogging on Lucky Right Now in two weeks time).

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

We're sure that you've noticed the flood of spam in the comments section lately. Spammers beware--we are completely on top of it. As we figure out a way to put a stop to this madness, we ask you for your patience and that you don't stop leaving your own comments, because we love hearing from you!