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Pssst. You Know What Bass Has? Unexpectedly Cute, Totally Affordable Shoes

I suppose we'll need to file this post under "et al," but remember the girl wearing the shockingly good Contempo Casuals dress on last Thursday's "Look of the Day"? Well, I have been obsessing over her outfit for about 87 hours. And, after all this time--though the parka and the dress and the sunglasses are great--I've decided the key to her whole ensemble has got to be those shoes.

They appear to be the Enfield saddle style from Bass and they also appear to be very reasonably priced at $69. I love these shoes. They're a perfect balance of artsy and preppy and menswearish and they look super comfortable too. I imagine wearing them, just like the lady in the picture, with tights and floral dresses, and also with leggings and an oversize blazer (and maybe a deep, rosy lipstick, no eye makeup, and one slick black barrette pulling back my bangs).

Digging around the Bass website, I also found these utterly perfect "Campfire Gaucho" loafers ($69) and a chic little pair of heeled booties for $79. You can buy them all by clicking right here.

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