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The Perfect Bag For A Quick Getaway

I realized the other day that despite having collected a decent supply of rollies and duffels over the years, I'm missing a great bag for a short two day trip. I'm looking for something really lightweight, durable, and grown-up looking, with long handles so I can carry it on my shoulders and a zippered top to keep my stuff secure. I finally think I may have found it.

I actually bought my mom a Longchamp tote for Mother's Day last year for all the aforementioned reasons, and just remembered that it comes in larger travel sizes too. I'm into this Pliage style, which starts as a mid-size tote but unzips around the middle to give you an extra six inches of space, so it's basically two bags in one. It's made of sturdy nylon, which weighs next to nothing and holds up really well over time (a year and a half later my mom's bag doesn't really look any different from the day I gave it to her). I also love the fact that despite the roomy proportions, it folds up into a little square, which is especially important in a small, storage-challenged New York City apartment. Looks-wise it's simple and classic, and it comes in tons of different colors (I'm debating graphite, bilberry, and black). This is for sure going on my Christmas wish list.

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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