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The Cupcakes and Cashmere Holiday Survival Guide: Party Accessories

Helmed by former magazine editor Emily Schuman, cupcakesandcashmere.com is an online photo diary of everything Schuman buys and everywhere she shops. This week, she'll be sharing her holiday fashion and shopping tips on Lucky Right Now.

With the holiday season already in full swing, it's crucial that you are well prepared for impromptu cocktail parties. Since almost every girl has an LBD in her closet (here are some of my current favs), a few key accessories can take an ordinary dress and turn it into a show-stopper. Whether you throw on a sequined vest, a layered necklace, or some lace gloves, you'll be sure to stand out from all the other women dressed in black.

1. Sequin Sleeveless Blazer, Topshop: $135

2. Multi Row Necklace, French Connection: $68

3. Elegant Feather Headband, Forever 21: $5.80

4. Lace-Detailed Leather Gloves, 3.1 Phillip Lim: $325

5. Premium Trophy Sequin Clutch, Topshop: $90

6. Ruby Chalcedony Ring, Gara Danielle: $198

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