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Must-Have Accessory for Fall 2010: A Detachable Peplum

I love a peplum. Whether on a jacket, skirt or dress, it's an embellishment that's simultaneously modern, feminine, and retro. So I was thrilled to find, at the Michael Kors pre-fall preview, the most clever accessory: a detachable leather peplum. On its own, the piece--a back-button black elastic band supporting a flippy little slice of leather--looks like a leather mini skirt for a toddler.

However, when added to almost anything in your closet, it has the ability totransform basic staples into major fashion statements. Althoughthe peplum won't be in-store until the end of April (and will be a bitpricey at $995), it seems like a well-worth-it splurge to literallyupdate your entire wardrobe.

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