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Mulberry Launches the New 'Alexa' Bag (As in 'Alexa Chung')

A celeb officially hits the big time when she has a bag named after her. This is Alexa Chung's most recent achievement, courtesy of Brit handbag expert Mulberry--and we have to say, the bag's pretty great.

As reported by Instyle.co.uk, the Alexa comes in three sizes, from a clutch ($695) to a stuff-your-life-in-it oversized messenger-style bag ($1,250).

While the clutch is simpler in its design (yet still 100% covetable, especially in peony pink shiny leopard), the standard and oversized models are an update on the company's traditional Bayswater collection.

As the site explains, the Alexa is a cross between the Bayswater and their men's briefcase. Plus, the color options make it all the more Chung-like (inky/electric blue, mustard/neon yellow, oak-brown leopard print).

If we have any say in the matter, Alexa Chung would create a clothing line in the near future--or at least reveal the secret to her styling tricks. This ex-model/style icon clearly knows what she's doing...

Photo: Mulberry

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