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Offbeat Accessories for a Harvey Faircloth Kind of Girl

Before launching vintage-inspired clothing line Harvey Faircloth, Katie Hatch, Mara Papa, and Abby Clawson Low each worked in a different arm of the fashion industry. The trio, whose NYC shopping haunts were featured in our February issue, are blogging this week on Luckymag.com.

This week we'll be sharing the fashion, home, and lifestyle pieces we wish we had received for Christmas. There's not too much really--just a couple of things that would come in handy to add a little spark to the rest of the winter.

When choosing these could-have-been stocking stuffers (and everything this week, actually), we looked for the things we love best: the utilitarian, the almost forgotten, the clever, the off-beat, the strange and unexpected--the off-kilter classics. We hope you love them, too.

"A minimalist leather wallet in bright tomato red is equal parts utilitarian and luxe."-Katie Hatch (Alice Park wallet, $50, OK Store)

"A Klein tool bag is the daytime equivalent to an eveningclutch. Throw it into a larger tote, or use it solo. And look at that price!"-Mara Papa (Klein zipper bags, $12.75, mytoolstore.com)

"I was really hoping someone would remember how much I likeRonni Kappos jewelry. It's a graphically chic version of what you'd make atcamp, and it pairs perfectly with our serape dress."-Mara Papa (Ronni Kappos necklace, $195, Beklina)

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