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Not a morning person? Meet your new body wash.

Am I three years old? Am I eighty years old? What's wrong with me? I'meither totally regressing or turning into my grandmother, becauselately I've only been taking baths. And I mean take baths nearly exclusively --almost no showers. Like, I've actually been washing my hair in the bathtub and rinsing outthe shampoo and conditioner with a plastic cup. All that's missing aresoap crayons and a sibling (INSERT RETROSPECTIVE DRY HEAVE HERE).

ANYWAY, there has been one--ONE--product that's invigorated me into showering like a normal, non-lazy adult, especially in the morning: Burt's Bees Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash. Usually I like very traditional soapy scents, but this stuff is fantastic, and it tingles (not creepily so--in a good way!). I love it.

You know the last scene in "Carrie" when her hand pops out from the grave? THAT'S how this body wash makes me feel. Suddenly...ALIVE!!!

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